The Mluskeg (Alaskan Blog)

Deadpan Humor

Glistening like fool’s gold nuggets

awaiting discovery

by sourdoughs, cheechakos,

tourons and other Alaska types

with a weakness for offbeat humor,

satire, wordplay and miscellaneous quirkiness.

Dad’s Tools

“Hey, Dad!  Can I borrow your drill?” The unexpected sound of my son’s pubescent voice derailed my concentration from the excruciatingly maddening task of replacing a fluorescent bulb in my bathroom.  I had ignored my wife’s pleas for several weeks in the hope that the bulb would magically revert from a hypnotic strobe to the…

The Three Moosketeers

A grey September moon hung suspended above the mist-shrouded tundra.  Gnarled black spruce, like wary sentinels, defined the twilit horizon.  Knowing the treachery of the times, I cleverly traced a circuitous route toward the secret trysting spot, doubling back several times, and moving in a zig-zaggy motion to confuse any of Karnal Wretchedloo’s spies that…

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