The Mluskeg (Alaskan Blog)

Deadpan Humor

Glistening like fool’s gold nuggets

awaiting discovery

by sourdoughs, cheechakos,

tourons and other Alaska types

with a weakness for offbeat humor,

satire, wordplay and miscellaneous quirkiness.

What’s Your Angle?

I love fishing.  I find it invigorating.  It stimulates all five of my senses.  I love the sound of waves lapping the side of the boat, or the chortle of a creek tumbling over polished rocks long ago carved from the earth by prehistoric glaciers.  I love the vista of serene spruce reflected in the…

Collecting and Divesting

My wife and I are different in many ways.  That’s a good thing.  We kind of complement each other.  We compliment each other too, but that’s beside the point.  Like Jack Sprat and his wife, when faced by a challenge, between the both of us we are usually able to get the proverbial platter licked…

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