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Glistening like fool’s gold nuggets

awaiting discovery

by sourdoughs, cheechakos,

tourons and other Alaska types

with a weakness for offbeat humor,

satire, wordplay and miscellaneous quirkiness.

Glorious Litter

I want to focus this column on thanking all of the dedicated litterers out there, who help to make our community a better place.  I also want to apologize to you collectively.  I must confess that in the past I have harbored ill will toward you.  I considered you to be selfish, slovenly, inconsiderate slobs…


With America’s most recent election cycle recently behind us (depending on who you talk to), Americans once again have demonstrated the genius of the unmatched form of government forged for us by the far-reaching wisdom of our nation’s founding fathers.  It is inspiring to know that we common citizens, no matter how insignificant we may…

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